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To start, I must begin in love. 


My name is Dekia Greene and I am a 21-year-old, entrepreneur, who would like to take you on a brief story of my becoming. Love has brought me through, over, and out. At a young age I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur… “yea right,” some might say but if you know about dassyg, then you know. I used to create uniquely crafted jewelry and sell my custom pieces to friends and family. At the time, not only was I writing receipts, but also lesson plans. I loved to be in charge, and lead people past the status quo. I strived to dismantle the idea that Blacks were illiterate or lazy. I designed and implemented my own tutoring service for my younger siblings and took the motive to school. I was called the “teacher’s pet,” the “know it all,” the “Black girl, that acted White,” but really it was instilled in me to help our people. My heart went out to my fellow classmates who got discriminated against for not knowing how to read or understand material on their own, things I was gifted to excel in. The labels I heard from the teachers about these students behind closed doors pushed me to advocate in their place. 


A career title is like a car, you can change it according to your wants, your needs, or even your dreams. Unlike most, social work was not a major that I chose, it was a way of life that molded and shaped me into who I am today. I have always had a strong relationship with social justice initiatives and the well-being of others; my journey first began in high school where I was able to see the power in using my voice to raise awareness and elevate my community. I was the first student in my school's history to organize a Black History Month Awareness event and fundraiser to donate to the African American museum in our community (a landmark in jeopardy of closing). The beauty in bringing the community together was just something I knew I wanted to continue to pursue.

For me personally, social work values are like character traits that I get to renovate and improve every day. Social work is the fuel to my life and without it, I do not know where I would be. I live by two quotes that in my opinion intertwine; the first one is "I am light," the second is "we are the change that we seek." In this world, it takes a single soul to draw in on a problem and seek a solution. I feel like in my pursuit of a career in social work, I simultaneously fulfill my life's purpose, and with that my heart is constantly full. 

The story doesn’t end there, my story will end in love. The love I have, and the unconditional love I receive from above verifies that I am more than who others say I am, more than the social constructions of an appropriate lifestyle, more than my image, and more than my fears. I am my ancestor's wildest dreams. After spending some summers exploring the whistles of suppressed truth on road trips throughout the south- it was in me to want more for my people, for our culture, and for the preservation and prosperity of our future. Yes I know I “have a car/career,” but what’s important to me in this life is more precious than any procession, for “if you don’t know where you're going, any road will take you there.”


Luxe Looks Rooted in Love. I have curated a brand that will highlight the trends of today’s time while paying homage to the creators of the past. My boutique, Blck Vine Co. LLC is about more than the individuals' composition of fibers, it's about love. A love of feeling good and wanting more. I wanted to create a space for creativity in fashion expression and support the continuation of uniqueness in both pop and creative culture. My brand is all about the art of fashion, and the art of giving back. Being a creator takes vulnerability, tenacity, and courage; that’s why, in due time, a percentage of my profit will go into funding the visions of future Black creators in varying artistic avenues. There will also be an opportunity for brand partnerships and marketing to promote the acceleration of other Black business owners.  Rooted. Planted. Watered. To see a fruitful tree of Black excellence in creativity. 



The radiance that your purpose personifies no man can dim. For the glory of our success is owed to the highest. Thank you God for continuing to allow me to be a light, we forever shining. From peace to love to lighttttt, to not only those reading, but also to the past being I once was that kept me striving for more. In life change is inevitable, and although we avoid it oftentimes, it is necessary for growth. I have made a promise to myself to never stop growing and to never end my continuous journey of seeking change. This promise is my motivation to step outside of my comfort zone, to be brave, to keep the faith, and to always find the good. This promise is my life guarantee that I will never stop being prosperous. This is only the beginning. Love. 


I will continue to let love have the last word.

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